Russia 2014

In Russia, many interruptions and power outages caused by flashovers due to pollution which is caused by anti freezing material which is applied to highways in order to prevent sliding. As a result, power utilities need to operate “blind” when trying to locate the polluted line segments. Metrycom enables power utilities to predict and locate flashover-prone line segments and limits washing operations to contaminated areas only.

The Challenge

Some local electrical utilities suffer from recurrent power outages caused by flashovers and short circuits over insulator strings, which happen over vast areas during winter. This requires of the power utility to simultaneously perform numerous cleaning operations over large areas in harsh weather conditions. The power utility seeks to limit cleaning operations to contaminated areas only thus optimizing this essential process. These faults are generally caused by accumulated contamination over insulator strings due to pollution which result from anti-freeze material which is applied on highways. The most flashover-prone condition happens when when the temperature of a contaminated insulator is rising few degrees above zero. The challenge is to identify the exact location of the contaminated line segments and have the capacity to direct the cleaning activity to the right location in a timely manner, thus reducing the overall burden on the cleaning crews while improving the power quality of the monitored line.

The Solution

Metrycom has won an official tender issued by a leading electrical utility company in Russia that is the main supplier of one the country’s largest cities. Accordingly, Metrycom installed its MetrySense4000 systems for a seasonal trial, following which a commercial tender will be issued. The trial proved to be a success. The results from the trial show clearly the locations of faults and accumulation of contamination on towers in the vicinity of roads, due to anti-freezing substances used on roads during winter.

This can be seen in the picture below, which shows an example of a tower where contamination is clearly identified on the MetryView display. The MetryView system is identifying all the towers that require cleaning. Based on this, the utility can now focus its cleaning operation and reduce its operation costs while maintaining high service quality.