Metrycom is investing extensive resources in high voltage and signal processing research, both in the lab and in the field. Our vision is to use our special multidisciplinary experience to provide unique and reliable technologies to our customers assisting them to significantly improve power quality, increase safety and reduce operating costs.

Disruptive flashover prediction technology

The MetrySense-4000 (MS4000) Flashover Prediction system is a unique and innovative patent-pending solution designed for High Voltage T&D power lines. As of today, this disruptive flashover prediction technology is the only proven and operational solution of its type deployed in live environments. MS4000 reliably and efficiently provides real-time analysis of contaminated insulators and predicts likely flashover-prone units. Each MS4000 sensor covers a two-kilometer power line segment, which includes all the insulators situated in its range, as opposed to the prevalent technology in use, Current Leakage Detection, whereby one sensor can only monitor a single insulator. This is the only available monitoring system featuring a rapid ROI of approximately one and a half years. Read more>>

Unique embedded algorithms for reliable fault detection

The MetrySense-5000 (MS5000) Fault Detector & Analysis features patent pending sensors and algorithms, which rely on high frequency signals for the detection and localization of high impedance faults. The sensors embed algorithms for reliable fault detection both in distribution power grids with solidly earthed neutral and in distribution grids with a Petersen coil compensated neutral. Read more>>

Ultra low power consumption

All MetrySense products use novel, proprietary algorithms and feature an innovative hardware design, resulting from many years of development and a unique expertise in the fields of T&D power lines, signal processing and radio communications. Consequently, the MetrySense family of sensors and routers achieve the lowest power consumption in its class, consistently proving its effectiveness when compared to competing units and/or technologies. For illustration, the MS5000 sensor used for fault detection and analysis can be inductively powered from the HV line, even when the current drops below 2A. This novel feature allows for the widespread deployment of the MetrySense-5000 solution in nearby and/or remote rural areas. Read more>>

Empowering power utilities with Internet of things technology

The MetrySense family of sensors integrates long-range radio as standard feature (up to 10km point-to-point and over 100km in a mesh network configuration). Furthermore, each MetrySense sensor is running an IPv6 stack including a RPL routing protocol, and thus the sensors themself embed the capability to automatically create at deployment a large scale 6LowPAN IPv6 mesh network without requiring additional routers, gateways, repeaters or transformers.. This is an important advantage compared to majority of other solutions deployed today, which require a nearby communication infrastructure that feeds from transformers and represent a costly installation and integration process. In addition, MetrySense supports cellular connectivity to any cellular network, and provides full network management tools in order to manage the cellular sensor network.