Metrycom offers power utilities a new dimension to grid visibility

Metrycom’s sensors and smart data analytics are spearheading the transition from periodic to predictive maintenance, allowing power utilities worldwide to reduce operating costs by targeting maintenance and line washing operations to identified contaminated or faulty grid segments only.

MetrySense monitoring and analysis solutions enable power utilities to build a smart grid with rapidly deployed, low cost and energy-efficient smart wireless sensors that automatically create an IPv6 mesh network.

MetrySense is our flagship product suite – a unique array of complementary low-cost smart grid solutions for high-voltage (HV) power transmission and distribution grids. MetrySense addresses the essential needs of power utilities worldwide, including the quality of electrical power generated and distributed, power outages, and low visibility issues of their power grid as it develops over time.


The solution comprises easy-to-deploy, low-energy smart wireless sensors that automatically create an IPv6 mesh network, which in turn provides access to smart grid elements such as re-closers and meters, with the benefit of instant and extended territorial coverage. MetrySense’s powerful analytical software employs proprietary algorithms that predict and locate faults in the HV grids.


MetrySense can operate maintenance free for up to 20 years

In addition to its technological advance, MetrySense can operate maintenance-free for up to 20 years, enabling power utilities to improve power quality, reliability and safety while significantly reducing operating costs.


Transition from periodic to predictive maintenance

Increasingly, management is under pressure to streamline operational costs by basing maintenance and expenditure decisions on accurate data. Metrycom is at the center of the evolution of data science and sensing technologies for the power utilities sector, thus empowering power distribution companies and decision makers with an unprecedented visibility on the entirety of their high voltage transmission grid.

Metrycom provides visibility on remote segment of the grid, performance of aging equipment and the ability to monitor the evolution of potential failures and hazards over time. Having the benefit of such a deep and comprehensive view on every aspect of the distribution network, management can now precisely address maintenance issues only where and when required, rather than replacing and maintaining equipment periodically, which until now has been based on statistical estimations. The bottom-line savings when transiting from periodic to predictive are quasi-immediate and long lasting.

Not surprisingly, this trend affects all industries, especially the energy sector, which needs to maintain very large systems spread over hundreds, even thousands of miles, and require intensive ongoing maintenance in order to keep a high service levels.

Cost-effective sensors and the smart application of data science as developed by Metrycom, are spearheading the transition from periodic to predictive maintenance, empowering energy companies worldwide to successfully implement this important evolution.

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