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Liron Frenkel speaks on the detection of contamination over HV lines

PARIS, August 2012, International Council of Large Electric Systems (CIGRE)

RO Conference LogoLiron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Metrycom presented the results of the research carried out together with Alexander Levinzon, Dr.Daniel Kottick, and Dr. Roman Kuijnik of IEC on Online Wireless PD Monitoring System for Detection of Contamination over High Voltage Power Overhead Transmission Lines. (


In the age of Smart Grid, the use of new monitoring sensors in transmission networks, has become vital from a techno-economical perspective. Contaminated insulators in polluted areas may lead to flashovers and outages if they are not cleaned periodically. Resulting voltage sags and interruptions to the supply voltage, can cause considerable loss of capital to industry and penalties to electric utility companies, as there are numerous industries that depend upon the availability of an uninterrupted power supply. Leakage current measurements have been used in the past to predict flashovers over insulators, and Partial Discharge (PD) detection and measurements with corona day-light cameras are now in development and use. This paper evaluates the feasibility of using an online wireless PD sensing system and online wireless sensor network for predicting flashovers over insulator strings of high voltage transmission lines. The paper describes practical considerations concerning the installation, maintenance and functionality of wireless PD sensor systems, discusses the economical benefits of using such a system, and provides results from a field trial of monitoring ceramic isolator strings over 400kV and 161kV transmission lines. (link to the article on this website)