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Real-time grid information enabling deep visibility

Smart Grid solution for Rural Networks that identifies and locates grid faults, as well as provides a full analysis regarding fault type.

Metrycom’s Rural Networks Smart Grid Solution is based on its novel MetrySense-5000 (MS5000) sensors, which is an integrated overhead line monitoring solution possessing an advanced proprietary and inexpensive radio network capability, specifically designed to operate on medium voltage (MV) networks.

It provides real-time information on faulty circuit, fault type and location. The MS5000 enables maintenance teams to reduce the outage duration by providing accurate fault location in real-time, and consequently reduces SAIDI and CAIDI. The system complies with various grounding methods, including solidly earthed systems and high impedance grounding.

The solution enables power utilities to:

  • Continuously monitor the entire distribution grid for faults
  • Receive in real-time fault location data
  • Detect high impedance faults, which are not detected by the grid’s protection system and represent a severe safety hazard
  • Obtain a low cost connectivity to remote meters and re-closers

M5000-19 - small

The above figure is the brand new MS5000, designed to clip on T&D lines, thus further reducing the system’s  deployment time