Metrycom Successfully Passed Extensive Tests in China

Metrycom has successfully participated in grid sensor tests in an outdoor testing site in China. The testing site is one of the most advanced testing facilities in the world, befitting of a the most advanced market for grid sensors today. Metrycom had the opportunity to showcase it range of proven and advanced solutions in real-time. These gruelling tests were conducted over a full 10 working days period and were designed to subject Metrycom sensors to a wide range of realistic conditions generally found in the field. The tests comprised 30 sensors operating in parallel, further tested with grids possessing different grounding systems, such as earthing via resistor, floating earthing and compensated earthing using Petersen coil. Multiple types of faults were generated in different locations on the grid, including high impedance faults up to 2k Ohm,  various types of arcs, fallen wire faults on different ground and soil types (including concrete), faults in cables, and many more.




About Metrycom

Metrycom supplies innovative smart sensor solutions that include advanced wireless IoT capabilities, monitoringand its advanced, proprietary analytical software. Metrycom technologies are patent protected.The company empowers energy companies with an unprecedented visibility on their grids, reducing operationalcosts and improving service quality, by using unique algorithms for prediction & detection of faults, including ingrids with distributed energy resources.

The Israel Electric Company is a Metrycom shareholder and a partner company in Beijing, China, has begun manufacturing and selling the firm’s smart grid sensors in that country, the world’s most advanced market today for distribution grid monitoring solutions. Metrycom’s products and solutions are currently selling in over 20countries, enjoying a solid reputation for their robustness, efficiency, reliability and proven operational qualities in the field.