Metrycom reports deployments in South America, Europe, North America and Australia

September 5, 2016

Metrycom Communication Ltd., reported today on additional deployments of its systems in South America, Europe, North America, China and Australia.

The company enables power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, detect and predict faults, and use the acquired online data and the analytics software in order to introduce methods of predictive maintenance. Metrycom’s systems have demonstrated a reliable operation in the field in different environmental conditions, including in frozen locations with extremely low temperatures, and in very high temperatures in the desert. The products demonstrated capability to reliably use diverse powering methods, including by induction from power lines, miniature solar panels, and also powering solely on primary batteries that were designed to operate for more than 10 years in extreme field conditions without requiring a replacement. Metrycom’s wireless product are using a multiple radio types that were optimized to different countries, and the company lately released a long range radio which was design and certified for the USA, reaching more than 10km between sensors.

About Metrycom

Since 2008, Metrycom has been providing rapidly deployed ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. We enable power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from isolator strings contamination and faults, typically in remote locations. In 2010 Metrycom teamed up with the IEC, to utilize the experience and knowledge of both companies for the development of an inexpensive and practical solutions which resulted in a complete sensing and radio solution for high voltage lines that could be deployed live in on transmission lines.

Metrycom’s proprietary sensor solutions are now deployed by  power utilities worldwide for fault locating on long distance transmission and distribution lines. Through its sensor and data analysis technologies, Metrycom leads high voltage line monitoring and Smart T&D Grids sectors.







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