MS5000 fron the side

Metrycom Launches new Smart Grid Sensor: MS5000-GS

Metrycom is delighted to announce the launch of its new MS5000-GS Smart Grid Sensor product for customers who have good cellular coverage across their distribution networks.

The new MS5000-GS product is able to connect Metrycom’s Grid Sensors direct to its proprietary Metryview software via a secured cellular connection from the line, without the need for a pole mounted Gateway in the vicinity. The new GS sensors are able to communicate the full range of Metrycom’s advanced Grid Sensor measurements, including always-on cellular connection and constant updates on network performance at line currents as low as 5A, and can also  provide full Fault Detection capabilities including the capture of Fault waveforms, at lower line currents when waking up the cellular connection on a fault.

For customers who do not have good cellular coverage in some areas, or prefer private low-cost mesh-radio connection, Metrycom is able to offer the unique capability of the Metrycom MS3010 gateway to seamlessly integrate Grid Sensor coverage across areas with weak cellular coverage using 433 or 915MHz mesh-radio connections.

Metrycom’s MS5000 Grid Sensors are able to work on networks with all types of earthing system’s (Compensated, REFCL, Single Wire Earth Return and all forms of direct impedance earthing)

Metrycom’s CEO Liron Frenkel said  “We are proud to launch this new product in response to requests from a number of customers and the first units are already in service in Israel. We also see great potential for this product across Europe, North America, and parts of Asia”