Liron Frenkel, CEO and founder of Metrycom, gave a lecture at the CRED conference, Herzlia


Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Limited, recently participated at the CRED Conference in Herzlia where he provided anintroduction to smart-grid-sensors. Substantial advantages of using smart gird sensors in distribution grid lines are becoming increasingly obvious to the Utilities space.

Mr. Frenkel demonstrated typical examples of commonly experienced faults detected in field tests in the variousMetrycom installations of one of its leading solutions, the MerySense-5000 system. These tests included waveformsthat were recorded by the system’s online sensors. He especially focused on demonstrating the grid differences whenutilizing differing earthing systems. These earthing systems include:

  • Direct earthing
  • Floating earthing
  • Compensated earthing with Petersen coil
  • Single wire earth return (SWER) systems

The ability to Detect high impedance faults in all types of grids requires advanced algorithms and extensive R&D andfield experience. Metrycom’s lead in this field results from mastering all three above-mentioned areas. With almost a decade extensive monitoring and real-time field data of field, and experience with numerous types of grids, theMetrySense-5000 system provides highly reliable results monitored by the local set of field sensors. Metrycom’s state-of-the-art local gateway undertakes signal analysis and sends the result directly to the operator’s Scada system.Alternatively, this data is sent to Metrycom’s web portal analytic software.Metrycom’s CEO also provided CRED participants with a comprehensive overview of the global smart-sensors market,including its status in different countries and regions. Not surprisingly, China is the most advanced country in the worldin terms of smart grid technological implementation, both in terms of sensor volume and advanced standards, as wellas the existence of outstanding labs and outdoor testing facilities.

The smart grid sensors will be used for fault detection and monitoring of the classical grid, in addition to be requiredas a part of DERMS (Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems), for monitoring interferences from localgeneration facilities, such as solar panels on roof tops, monitoring of excessive power production flowing back intothe main grid and loading its compunets.

Mr. Frenkel further described various types of algorithms generally used for detecting high impedance faults. In orderto detect these faults, even when fault currents are very low, require the sensor to be extremely accurate, both incurrent accuracy, synchronization between the sensors on differing phases, and voltage measurement in varying typesof weather including heavy rains.

MetrySense-5000 sensor were designed for such challenges, and have consistently yielded proven results in the field.The sensors versatility is and ability to adapt to numerous types of grids, climates and conditions, is facilitated by itscore design conception that allow their operation using induction from extremely low line currents. Their durabilityand independence are boosted by power backup capabilities, enabling for permanent connectivity, even in rurallocations where load currents are low and line induction is reduced. The sensors are built from aluminum andcomposite materials, resulting in extremely robust in challenging electric field and outdoor conditions.

The audience included people from the IEC and the Energy Sector.

About Metrycom

Metrycom supplies innovative smart sensor solutions that include advanced wireless IoT capabilities, monitoringand its advanced, proprietary analytical software. Metrycom technologies are patent protected.The company empowers energy companies with an unprecedented visibility on their grids, reducing operationalcosts and improving service quality, by using unique algorithms for prediction & detection of faults, including ingrids with distributed energy resources.

The Israel Electric Company is a Metrycom shareholder and a partner company in Beijing, China, has begunmanufacturing and selling the firm’s smart grid sensors in that country, the world’s most advanced market todayfor distribution grid monitoring solutions. Metrycom’s products and solutions are currently selling in over 20countries, enjoying a solid reputation for their robustness, efficiency, reliability and proven operational qualitiesin the field.