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Metrycom and its Chinese Partners Established a Factory in Beijing for the Mass Production of its MetrySense Sensors

The new factory has been established for mass production of the MetrySense family of sensors. At full capacity, the facility will be able to produce tens of thousands of units per annum. Metycom’s products were optimized over the last year for mass production and licensed manufacturing. Substantial investments and resources have been allocated to development and especially the design and construction of automated sensor testing equipment capable of running dozens of tests on each sensor

“The cooperation with our Chinese partners has provided a strategic advantage for Metrycom”, said Liron Frenkel, CEO and founder of Metrycom. “The investment in advanced automated manufacturing and testing processes, and the strict quality control,  allows Metrycom to reduce manufacturing costs, and at the same time increase the quality of the products. MetrySense-5000 is the most high-end smart-grid sensor available today, while Metrycom customers benefit from a cost effective solution that can guarantee the techno-economic viability of the projects.”


About Metrycom

Metrycom supplies innovative smart sensor solutions that include advanced wireless IoT capabilities, monitoringand its advanced, proprietary analytical software. Metrycom technologies are patent protected.The company empowers energy companies with an unprecedented visibility on their grids, reducing operationalcosts and improving service quality, by using unique algorithms for prediction & detection of faults, including ingrids with distributed energy resources.

The Israel Electric Company is a Metrycom shareholder and a partner company in Beijing, China, has begunmanufacturing and selling the firm’s smart grid sensors in that country, the world’s most advanced market todayfor distribution grid monitoring solutions. Metrycom’s products and solutions are currently selling in over 20countries, enjoying a solid reputation for their robustness, efficiency, reliability and proven operational qualitiesin the field