Spearheading high voltage T&D grid sensors and analytics

Metrycom benefits from a close relationship with IEC Corporation, which enables the firm to develop an unparalleled expertise and know-how in a live environment

Since 2008, Metrycom has been providing rapidly deployed ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. The company’s focus is on enabling power utilities to gain a better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from insulator strings contamination and faults, typically in remote locations .

In 2010 Metrycom teamed up with IEC Corporation, to leverage the experience and knowledge of both companies for the development of an inexpensive and practical solution.

Metrycom combined the wealth of information and experience of IEC with its own extensive knowledge and expertise in signal processing as well as in radio technologies. We also integrated the know-how of IEC veterans who are now employed by Metrycom to develop a complete sensing and radio solution for high voltage lines that could be deployed live on on transmission lines.

The system proved a great success and IEC has since the first deployment in 2011, increased its commercial orders for Metrycom’s proprietary sensor solutions, which are now deployed in additional power utilities worldwide.

In parallel, Metrycom further developed its products and technology to efficiently address key issues facing Utilities, such as fault locating on long distance distribution lines, especially in remote rural areas. The evolution of Metrycom’s technology and solutions concords with the global interest in smart grid solutions, which generally addresses improved consumer-side grid efficiency.

Strategic Partnerships

Metrycom’s close relationship with the IEC enables the firm to develop in a live environment an unparalleled expertise and know-how, thus allowing Metrycom to evolve into a center of excellence for new products in the domain of power line monitoring devices and the advanced solutions needed to guarantee sustained electrical power quality for consumers.

Metrycom actively cooperates with partners and power utilities in South America, East Europe, Africa and the Far-East throughout the entire conception-implementation cycle, including establishment of objectives, product and solution definition, field testing and full production-deployment phase, allowing for a rich post-deployment collaboration and support framework.

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