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Metrycom’s CEO participated in delegation at CIGEE


cigee logoBeijing, China, March 2014, The 4th China International Smart Grid Construction Technology and Equipment Expo & 2014 Global Smart Grid (China) Summit (

Metrycom’s CEO Liron Frenkel presented its products and innovation in a booth at the exhibition and attracted interested representatives of power utilities from China.

In addition, Mr. Frenkel gave a lecture at the conference entitled METRYSENSE SOLUTIONS, METRYSENSE解决方案 , Low-cost Smart Grid Solutions for High-Voltage Power Grids, 为高压电网设计的低成本智能电网解决方案




IEC implements MetrySense4000 for High Voltage line monitoring

Feb 26, 2014

Metrycom Communication Ltd., a leading T&D Grid Monitoring Company announced today that IEC has implemented its solution for monitoring additional 100km of its high voltage transmission lines for the purpose of improving power quality and reducing maintenance costs.

Since 2008, Metrycom has been developing and deploying ultra-low power wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. The company enables power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from insulator strings contamination and faults, typically in remote locations.

Following three years of stringent field tests of Metrycom’s solution, IEC has decided to deploy Metrycom’s MetrySense-4000 solution in order to monitor additional 100km of 161kV and 400kV high voltage grid lines.

Grid lines’ Insulator strings get contaminated over time by the accumulation of dust, industrial, coastal and agricultural pollution and lose their isolation properties, resulting in power interruptions and potential power supply failures. Electric companies spend millions of dollars every year in washing operations of insulator strings in order to remove the contamination. Metrycom’s system enables IEC to gain greater visibility on the grid lines, find the location of the contaminated insulators, and direct the washing operations to the exact locations where they are needed. It then monitors in real time the effectiveness of the wash, ensures its accurate application and thereby helps to reduce the overall maintenance costs.

“Following extensive field tests of MetrySense system we are very happy to expand the deployment of MetrySense system that enables IEC to improve quality of service to our customers and significantly increase the efficiency of our maintenance operations.” says Dr. Adrian Bianu, Senior Vice President at IEC.

“The MetrySense-4000 system is unique of its kind, and is the result of many years of research and development and extensive field experience gained by close collaboration with IEC” says Liron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Metrycom. “This is the only system that provide real-time, accurate and cost-effective visibility of contamination level of insulators in high voltage power lines, and allows our customers to apply preventive maintenance scheme that improves power quality and reduces maintenance costs.”


About Metrycom

Since 2008, Metrycom has been providing rapidly deployed ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. The company enables power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from contamination of insulator strings and faults, typically in remote locations. In 2010 Metrycom teamed up with IEC to utilize the experience and knowledge of both companies for the development of an inexpensive and practical solutions which resulted in a complete sensing and radio solution for high voltage lines that could be deployed live in on transmission lines.


Contact: Eran Edri, Metrycom  email:

deployment brazil

First Metrycom Deployment in Brazil

During 2014, Metrycom conducted a successful pilot in Brazil and concluded its first sale in this leading smart grid market. “The Brazilian market offers a huge opportunity as many of its distribution networks are extremely long and as a result fault location is a time consuming and expensive process” says Metrycom CEO Liron Frenkel.

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Liron Frenkel speaks on the detection of contamination over HV lines

PARIS, August 2012, International Council of Large Electric Systems (CIGRE)

RO Conference LogoLiron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Metrycom presented the results of the research carried out together with Alexander Levinzon, Dr.Daniel Kottick, and Dr. Roman Kuijnik of IEC on Online Wireless PD Monitoring System for Detection of Contamination over High Voltage Power Overhead Transmission Lines. (


In the age of Smart Grid, the use of new monitoring sensors in transmission networks, has become vital from a techno-economical perspective. Contaminated insulators in polluted areas may lead to flashovers and outages if they are not cleaned periodically. Resulting voltage sags and interruptions to the supply voltage, can cause considerable loss of capital to industry and penalties to electric utility companies, as there are numerous industries that depend upon the availability of an uninterrupted power supply. Leakage current measurements have been used in the past to predict flashovers over insulators, and Partial Discharge (PD) detection and measurements with corona day-light cameras are now in development and use. This paper evaluates the feasibility of using an online wireless PD sensing system and online wireless sensor network for predicting flashovers over insulator strings of high voltage transmission lines. The paper describes practical considerations concerning the installation, maintenance and functionality of wireless PD sensor systems, discusses the economical benefits of using such a system, and provides results from a field trial of monitoring ceramic isolator strings over 400kV and 161kV transmission lines. (link to the article on this website)


ISGA Meeting with Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Uzi Landau

May 19, 2012

ISEA assosiation organized a meeting with the Minister of Energy, Mr. Uzi Landau during which members of the association offered their assistance, arguments and ideas favoring the development a smart grid, a network that will enable to save energy, improve quality and allow new players to enter the energy market. Metrycom was one of few companies selected to present their products to the Minister as example of unique innovations in the smart grid field.

In the picture, Mr. Eran Edri, VP Sales and Marketing of Metrycom introduces the products to the Minister. Behind stands Amos Lasker, former CEO of IEC and Chairman of ISEA.

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IEC’s Karat invest in Metrycom

IEC 2011 press release – April 04, 2011

Metrycom Communication announced today the investment by IEC via Karat, its technological ideas accelerator, for the development of Metrycom’s MetrySense system, which enables real-time monitoring of high-voltage power transmission lines.

“We are happy to make the investment in Metrycom Communications. This investment is done as part of the framework activity of Karat, which is aimed at promoting and accelerating new technological ideas in the fields of smart grid networks, as well as the improvement of power quality and energy efficiency”.

One of MetrySense’s applications is the provision of online data regarding the pollution level of power line insulator strings, and the ability to predict electric flashovers on the insulators, which are likely to cause shortcuts and wide-area power sags (instantaneous voltage level drops). With the aid of the system, utility companies will be able at any point of time to optimally direct the insulator washing activity to the most sensitive segments of the transmission lines, thereby improving the quality of the electric network, and significantly saving up on high maintenance costs.

The system supports new Internet communication standards (IETF 6LoWPAN), which utilize the IPv6 Protocol over radio network, and create an Internet network of sensors (“the internet of things”).

“We are happy to make the investment in Metrycom Communications. This investment is done as part of the framework activity of Karat, which is aimed at promoting and accelerating new technological ideas in the fields of smart grid networks, and improving of power quality and energy efficiency,” said Dr. Adrian Biano, VP of Strategic Resources at IEC.

“We are pleased that after a long period of feasibility testing IEC decided to invest in Metrycom. MetrySense is a unique system and we are convinced that with the aid of IEC it will be possible to offer an innovative product to the world market that will assist electric companies in improving power quality and significantly save on maintenance expenses,” said Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom.


About Metrycom Communications:

Metrycom Communications was established in 2008 by a team of executives and experts in the field of signal processing and communications. The company develops unique wireless control solutions, which integrate advanced sensors, and IP based wireless communication network (IETF 6LoWPAN), enabling maintenance-free monitoring and control of large-scale T&D grid systems.