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Metrycom has been nominated among 14 companies to watch by Smart Grid News

Feb 5, 2014

Metrycom Communication Ltd., a leading T&D Grid Monitoring Company announced that it was selected to the “14 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014” by Smart Grid News, a leading provider of news and analyses for the modernization and automation of electric power.

Since 2008, Metrycom has been providing rapidly deployed ultra-low power wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. The company enables power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from insolator strings contamination and faults, typically in remote locations. Metrycom developed its unique industrial grade solutions in close cooperation with IEC Corporation, which provides access to live grid, actual data and precious experience.

Today Metrycom provides power utilities world-wide proven, resilient, field tested connectivity solutions for monitoring high voltage transmission and distribution grids. Its solutions include low-power, long-lasting, self configurable mesh radio networks, remote units connected to smart sensors, sophisticated detection algorithms for the evolution of electrical arches over contaminated isolator strings and easy-to-use monitoring software to be used in control rooms of power utilities.

Metrycom is committed to become a center of excellence where innovative technologies are developed and combined into sophisticated in-expensive solutions required to solve the needs of electrical utilities in improving grid visibility, reducing maintenance costs, increasing safety and modernizing equipment.


Metrycom at the Smart Grid Forum 2012

Sao Paulo, BRAZIL, October 17, 2012, Smart Grid Forum

Metrycom held its first booth in an important international Smart Grid event, where it presented its products and their advantage for rural networks. During the event Eran Edri, Metrycom’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing met several Brazilian electrical power companies and vendors. Following this event the company partnered with a Brazilian company through which it began relationships with several potential customers in Brazil. ( )

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Smart Grid News announces 2014 winners

February 5, 2014

We have our winners in the Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014 competition. As is usually the case, there is a mix of familiar names and that may not be so familiar. Many thanks to all of the nominees and the readers who participated in the voting. And congratulations to our winners.

They companies are: Accenture, Comverge, Demansys Energy LLC, Leidos, N-Dimension Solutions, Metrycom, Open Access Technology International, Pulse Energy, Retroficiency, Sensus, Sentient Energy, Group Structure, Trilliant, Verdeeco.



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Metrycom delegation participates in Distributech

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, USA,  Jan 2012, Distributech – (

Metrycom’s delegation participated in Distributech 2012, which was help in San Atnonio, Texas and met distributors and system integrators (Sis) from the US and from around the world, who expressed their interest in Metrycom’s products and request to be informed as to the firm’s evolution and when its products are operationally deployed by electrical utilities." title="Metrycom CEO speaks at CIGRE International Conference">RO Conference Logo

Bucharest, September 2011, International Conference on Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance (CMDM 2011):

Liron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Metrycom presented the results of the research carried out together with Alexander Levinzon, Dr.Daniel Kottick, and Dr. Roman Kuijnik of IEC Corporation on Online Wireless PD Monitoring System for Detection of Contamination over High Voltage Power Overhead Transmission Lines. (


Contaminated insulators in polluted areas may lead to flashovers and outages if they are not cleaned periodically. Resulting power sags and power interruptions can cause considerable loss of capital to the industry and penalties to electric utilities, as there are numerous industries that depend upon the availability of an uninterrupted power supply. This paper presents an online wireless PD sensing system for predicting flashovers over insulator strings of high voltage transmission lines using an online wireless sensor network, and provides preliminary results from tests, which are now conducted by IEC Corporation.