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Megger acquires Metrycom, a technology leader in Smart Grid monitoring solutions

Electrical measurement company Megger Group (“Megger”) today announced it has acquired the entire share capital of Metrycom, a provider of grid network sensors and analytics to the electrical supply industry.

Metrycom supplies unique grid sensor and analytics solutions for online measurements, condition monitoring and fault location using extensive detection and prediction algorithms for medium and high voltage grid networks.  Smart grid sensor networks bring insight to grid operators, enabling tracking of real time energy consumption, phase imbalance and power flows across the grid including distributed energy resources.

Analytics provides decision makers with predictive analysis of future faults, supporting predictive maintenance practices along with improved detection and location of unplanned outages. This also enables improved grid system reliability year over year, with improvements in SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIFI grid reliability indices.

Jim Fairbairn, Chief Executive Officer of Megger, said “We are delighted to bring Metrycom into the Megger family. Metrycom’s Smart Grid sensor technology is best-in-class, enabling power utilities better visibility into MV networks to assist in grid operation management and preventative condition-based maintenance, all of which improve grid reliability.

On the purchase supporting Megger’s growth strategy, he said, “The addition of Metrycom supports the longer term industry move to online monitoring solutions and complements Megger’s partial discharge monitoring solutions for substation GIS and GIL assets.  This acquisition underpins our medium-term vision to become a connected, digitally fluent, value-added analytical partner for electricity utilities and all customers engaging in power management.”

Liron Frenkel, Chief Executive Officer of Metrycom said: “We are very pleased to have been acquired by Megger, as this complements the Metrycom business, providing outstanding business development opportunities and extended reach to new customers who can benefit from our high-quality Smart Grid monitoring solutions”.

About Metrycom – founded in Israel in 2008 and based in Herzliya, where the focus has been engineering development of state-of-the-art Smart Grid solutions, working closely with Israel Electric Corporation and other innovative electrical utilities to address future needs, including support of different network topologies, unique solutions for compensated grid networks, predictive analysis, pre-fault location, highest grade of cyber security hardening,  flexible communications options including integrated cellular and mesh-radio networks for urban and rural grids, and reliable, maintenance-free operation in different environments with efficient power harvesting capabilities.

About Megger – headquartered in Dover, UK, Megger has nine manufacturing sites globally and local offices in 42 countries.  Since 1889, the business focus has been to support the Electrical Supply Industry with test and measurement instruments, providing insight to electrical asset performance.  Megger’s investment into online measurements further increases its industry relevance for the future.


CIRED 2021 Paper on MetrySense-5000 sensor applications

This technical paper was first presented at CIRED 2021 and summarizes Western Power Distribution’s (WPD) activities and learning from the network innovation allowance (NIA) funded ‘Arc Aid’ project. It was written by project manager Daniel Hardman from GHD, with contributions from WPD network specialist Jon Sleep and WPD innovation manager Yiango Mavrocostanti.
WPD is one of the largest distribution network operators (DNOs) in the UK and they are responsible for the electricity distribution network across the Midlands, the South West of England and South Wales, serving 7.9m customers.


Metrycom at Energia2

Metrycom at Energia IL 2021

Energia IL 2021 – Energy Transition from the Land of Innovation is a virtual event coming up May 25 and Liron Frenkel, Metrycom’s CEO, will be among the key speakers in the Smart Utility and Grid Solutions panel on this first-of-its-kind platform connecting LATAM and Israel on applied innovation to the Energy industry.

The event will also include a virtual exhibition and B2B meetings.

Registration is FREE and open now:

Metrycom invites industry players to register and meet us in the B2B meetings.

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MetrySense 5000 Grid Sensors testing at the PNDC

Advanced grid sensor devices are being installed across some primary substation electricity networks this month to improve reliability and resilience.  Metrycom’s MetrySense 5000 (MS-5000) sensors provide network operators with real time information on different fault types and locations, giving engineers rapid visibility of faults and helping them to reduce the duration of outages.

The project is a partnership between The Power Networks Demonstration Centre, Metrycom and Distribution Network Operator, UK Power Networks. Experts have assessed the operation and performance of Metrycom’s MS-5000 sensors under a variety of fault scenarios using a simulated model of a primary substation in UK Power Networks areas. Physical protection relays provided by UK Power Networks have also been interfaced between the simulated system and the sensors to monitor their operation with the MS-5000.

This project aligns with PNDC’s goal to test, validate and fine-tune the latest technology in power system solutions. Networks with compensated earthing and high impedance ground faults make fault detection more complex, so the project is focusing on networks which use arc suppression coil compensated earthing.

The project has involved a HIL (hardware in the loop) test-bed to assess the response of the two sets of sensors in recognising and categorising faults, as well as to assess their communications performance. The test-bed included a real time model of UK Power Networks 33/11kV Benhall Primary Substation, two sets of Metrycom’s MS-5000 sensors and three physical protection relays provided by UK Power Networks: A GE Micom P14, an ABB REF615 and a Siemens 7UT87. The test scenarios that were carried out involved:

  • Phase to Earth Faults
  • Phase to Phase Faults
  • Two Phase to Earth Faults
  • Three Phase Faults
  • Three Phase to Earth Faults
  • Cross Country Faults
  • Very High Impedance Phase to Earth Fault

PNDC utilised a number of assets to realise the testing environment:

  • 1 rack of RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) to create and run the real time model of Benhall Primary Substation
  • Analogue Input/Output cards to carry out signals of voltage and current
  • 2 Omicron CMS 156 amplifiers to amplify RTDS model signals to appropriate MV values for the MS-5000 sensors and Protection Relays

PNDC R&D engineer Andreas Avras, who built the RTDS model and led the testing, said: “The MS 5000 sensors performed as expected. They captured and analysed the faults and performed on high impedance earth faults and cross-country faults.  The communications between the sensors and the MetryView web portal was also easy to set up and delivered the results we expected.”

UK Power Networks innovation engineer Romina Arefin, who is leading the innovation project, said: “So far, we’ve seen exciting results from the trial. The new sensors have detected 100% of the faults that were tested correctly, meaning we can now take the trial to the next stage by deploying the technology for real on our network. It’s a brilliant step forward as we continue to deliver innovation that benefits customers by taking performance to the next level.”

UK Power Networks is a Tier 1 member of the PNDC and this project is being funded by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Allowance. Field trials are being jointly carried out with Western Power Distribution, which is testing MS 5000 sensors on its  33kV mesh networks which contain multiple sources of distributed generation.

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Metrycom Launches new Smart Grid Sensor: MS5000-GS

Metrycom is delighted to announce the launch of its new MS5000-GS Smart Grid Sensor product for customers who have good cellular coverage across their distribution networks.

The new MS5000-GS product is able to connect Metrycom’s Grid Sensors direct to its proprietary Metryview software via a secured cellular connection from the line, without the need for a pole mounted Gateway in the vicinity. The new GS sensors are able to communicate the full range of Metrycom’s advanced Grid Sensor measurements, including always-on cellular connection and constant updates on network performance at line currents as low as 5A, and can also  provide full Fault Detection capabilities including the capture of Fault waveforms, at lower line currents when waking up the cellular connection on a fault.

For customers who do not have good cellular coverage in some areas, or prefer private low-cost mesh-radio connection, Metrycom is able to offer the unique capability of the Metrycom MS3010 gateway to seamlessly integrate Grid Sensor coverage across areas with weak cellular coverage using 433 or 915MHz mesh-radio connections.

Metrycom’s MS5000 Grid Sensors are able to work on networks with all types of earthing system’s (Compensated, REFCL, Single Wire Earth Return and all forms of direct impedance earthing)

Metrycom’s CEO Liron Frenkel said  “We are proud to launch this new product in response to requests from a number of customers and the first units are already in service in Israel. We also see great potential for this product across Europe, North America, and parts of Asia”


Metrycom has been selected by UKPN and WPD to supply its advanced MetrySense-5000 smart-grid sensors for trials

Metrycom Communications Ltd has announced it has been selected by Distribution Network Operators UK Power Networks (UKPN) and Western Power Distribution (WPD) to supply its state-of-the-art MetrySense 5000 Smart-Grid Sensors for trials on part of the companies’ 33kV and 11kV overhead lines starting in June 2020.

The innovative sensors provide faster and more accurate fault location information to the electricity networks’ control engineers, helping to get the power back on more quickly and safely in the unlikely event a fault should occur.

Metrycom’s Smart-Grid Sensors are induction powered from power lines, using currents as low as 3 Amps. The sensors use both cellular and mesh-radio connections to communicate a range of power quality and fault information, which is analysed by Metrycom’s advanced analytic software MetryView, to determine the location of faults on electricity networks significantly faster than using traditional methods.

In order to provide rapid fault location to UK Power Networks and WPD’s network control room, Metrycom’s MetryView software will be connected to both companies’ individual Network Management Systems. Metrycom will be working closely together with both UK Power Networks and WPD to deliver this integration.

UK Power Networks is the country’s biggest electricity distributor, making sure the lights stay on for more than eight million homes and businesses across London, the South East and the East of England. Western Power Distribution operates in the Midlands, the South West of England and South Wales, serving 7.9m customers. Learn more here.

Network operators aren’t the same as energy suppliers; network operators manage local power lines and substations, while energy suppliers sell the electricity that runs through the power lines.

Find out more by visiting UK Power Networks Innovation page.


Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Ltd. recently presented in an innovation event of ICL-Group in Israel

Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Ltd. recently presented Metrycom’s market leading Grid Sensors in an innovation event of ICL-Group in Israel.

ICL-Group is an international Israeli corporation renowned for innovation. ICL’s operations include mines in Israel, Europe, North and South America and China including ICL’s own extensive private overhead line networks.

The benefits of Metrycom’s Smart-Grid Sensor MS5000 for corporations that own private overhead electric lines are:

  • Rapid detection electric faults caused by pollution
  • Rapid location of faults to avoid long search times and enable the rapid restoration of power
  • Location of weak points in the network that cause temporary flashovers
  • Prediction of faults in the private electric grid in order to pre-empt outages
  • Detect and locate events of broken conductors
  • Provide an online view on the condition of the entire distribution network

Metrycom is providing advanced systems and analytic software optimized for corporations who own private overhead line networks, and in particular mining operations.

By using Metrycom’s solution customers can reduce the number of outages and the length of power interruptions, and thus reduce significant losses to the production process that are inflicted by power interruptions.

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, the Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Israel, Brazil Announce Joint R&D Projects

By Hamodia StaffMonday, October 7, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Israel and Brazil have announced four joint R&D projects to be carried out by the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) and the Israel Innovation Authority.
The two countries said in a statement on Monday that they will be investing a total of $7.5 million in the venture.
The Brazilian-Israeli joint projects that will receive funding include:

Pelemix (Israel) and Brasil Ambiental (Brazil): Pelemix develops customized substrates for various crops that increase yield and reduce costs. The aim is to develop a substrate that will increase agricultural yield in Brazil – and beyond – by substantially improving seedlings’ survival rate during transplanting, and improving resistance to soil-borne fungus.

Brenmiller Energy (Israel) and Fortlev Energia Solar (Brazil): Brenmiller Energy provides sustainable energy solutions to the Distributed Generation Market. The objective here would be an increase in the overall efficiency at Fortlev’s industrial plant and/or one of its partners, based on Brenmiller Energy’s special thermal storage (b-Gen) technology.

Metrycom Communications (Israel) and Energisa Soluções (Brazil): Metrycom produces advanced smart grid sensors solutions that predict and detect faults in distribution and transmission power grids, which can help Brazil’s networks.

GreenRoad Driving Technologies (Israel) and Energisa Soluções (Brazil): GreenRoad is a global leader in driver safety, fleet performance management, and analytics solutions. The project uses advanced analytics and actionable insights relating to drivers’ behavior and vehicle use to impact fleets’ efficiency levels.


Metrycom presented in EnergyTech Solutions Pitching Event in Santiago

The event in Santiago was organized by the Israel Commercial Mission in Chile, together with ACERA and ACESOL, with the goal to introduce Israeli Energy-related technologies and solutions to its potential partners in Chilean Energy industry.



China-Israel Summit

Metrycom at the 4th China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit

Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Limited, recently participated at the 4th China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit in Zhuhai, China, where he provided an overview of Metrycom’s technology, the smart grid sensor market, and Metrycom’s activity in China. Metrycom also participated in meetings with tens of Chinese companies in the B2B meeting event.
The summit was guided by National Development and Reform Commission of China, Ministry of Regional Cooperation of Israel and Ministry for Social Equality of Israel, and featured 150 Israeli tech companies, over 7000 Chinese strategic players, customers and investors, and over 4000 prescheduled B2B meetings.