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MetrySense 5000 Grid Sensors testing at the PNDC

Advanced grid sensor devices are being installed across some primary substation electricity networks this month to improve reliability and resilience.  Metrycom’s MetrySense 5000 (MS-5000) sensors provide network operators with real time information on different fault types and locations, giving engineers rapid visibility of faults and helping them to reduce the duration of outages. The project […]

Metrycom Launches new Smart Grid Sensor: MS5000-GS

Metrycom is delighted to announce the launch of its new MS5000-GS Smart Grid Sensor product for customers who have good cellular coverage across their distribution networks. The new MS5000-GS product is able to connect Metrycom’s Grid Sensors direct to its proprietary Metryview software via a secured cellular connection from the line, without the need for […]

Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Ltd. recently presented in an innovation event of ICL-Group in Israel

Liron Frenkel, CEO of Metrycom Ltd. recently presented Metrycom’s market leading Grid Sensors in an innovation event of ICL-Group in Israel. ICL-Group is an international Israeli corporation renowned for innovation. ICL’s operations include mines in Israel, Europe, North and South America and China including ICL’s own extensive private overhead line networks. The benefits of Metrycom’s […]

Metrycom reports deployments in South America, Europe, North America and Australia

September 5, 2016 Metrycom Communication Ltd., reported today on additional deployments of its systems in South America, Europe, North America, China and Australia. The company enables power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, detect and predict faults, and use the acquired online data and the analytics software in order to introduce methods […]