Reliably predicts flashovers occurences and identifies fault locations in T&D grids

MetrySense 3000

MetrySense 4000

MetrySense 5000


Provides unprecedented visibility on high voltage T&D grids

MetryView Analytic Modules


Networks ultra-low consumption sensors for rapidly deployed long-distance coverage


Improves power quality for the benefit of all consumer segments


Significantly reduces operational costs by enabling predictive targeted maintenance


A disruptive technology for predicting flashovers over contaminated insulators, reliable fault detection and localization, including analytics software for fault prediction and analysis.


Rapidly deployed smart wireless sensors, which automatically create an IPv6 mesh radio network over a large area and can be connected via a gateway to any communication infrastructure.


By inducting power harvested from line currents below 2A, MetrySense sensors can operate maintenance free for up to 20 years.

Transition from periodic to predictive maintenance

Metrycom empowers energy companies with an unprecedented visibility on their high voltage transmission grid, thus allowing them to locate ahead of time potential failures and the performance of aging equipment. Power utilities can now evolve from periodic maintenance to performing maintenance operations only where and when required. Smart maintenance dramatically reduces operational costs while ensuring higher service quality.



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Metrycom was selected to the “14 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014” by Smart Grid News.

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Empowering Power Utilities with Internet of Things Technology

Metrycom allows utilities companies to extract the value inherent to the Internet of Things by empowering them with continuous visibility over their high voltage transmission and distribution lines, while reducing maintenance costs and, increasing both reliability and safety.

Our technology combines smart induction sensors, self-developed low-cost mesh radios and proprietary algorithms to detect flashovers and variations in the electrical field patterns. These readings are translated into relevant and useful information that is processed, mapped and visualized for network managers and maintenance engineers.

Due to our hands-on experience and unique interdisciplinary know-how, we have developed a cost-effective solution, which recoups its deployment within months.

About Us

Since 2008, Metrycom has been providing rapidly deployed ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor solutions for large area applications. We enable power utilities to gain better visibility on their transmission and distribution lines, which suffer from isolator strings contamination and faults, typically in remote locations.

In 2010 Metrycom teamed up with the IEC Corporation to utilize the experience and knowledge of both companies for the development of an inexpensive and practical solutions which resulted in a complete sensing and radio solution for high voltage lines that could be deployed live in on transmission lines.

Metrycom’s proprietary sensor solutions are now deployed by the IEC and additional power utilities worldwide for fault locating on long distance transmission and distribution lines.

Through its sensor and data analysis technologies, Metrycom leads high voltage line monitoring and Smart T&D Grids sectors.


    Utilities can deliver improved power quality due to reduced power interruptions over contaminated isolator strings and fast detection of faults.


    MetrySense-4000 provides valuable real time information, which assists the maintenance team to focus on contaminated power line segments only and avoid unnecessary insulator washing operations. MetrySense-5000 reduces fault localization time, thus improving productivity and optimizes manpower allocation.


    MetySense-5000 detects hazards, which sometimes are not detected by the existing protection system, such as a wire fallen on a dry ground. Additionally, the system reduces the need to re-apply power multiple times in order to find faults utilizing a trial and error method.


    Utilities gain unprecedented visibility on the transmission and distribution grids through prediction analytics of deteriorating isolator strings and accurate identification of high impedance faults.

Wireless Sensors Technology

The power consumption of Metrycom’s wireless-sensors and routers is extremely low. This feature enables the units to be powered from magnetic fields, which are induced by currents flowing in the high voltage grid.

Metrycom is using proprietary hardware and algorithms in order to support low power consumption while ensuring the high stability needed for large radio networks. The radio system was purpose designed to successfully operate in the harsh conditions of high-voltage power lines, with a proven record in the field.

Our Clients


When a fault occurs, a technician needs to travel over very long distances for several days to identify the cause and location of the fault. Therefore cost-effective and reliable fault detection is a strategic objective for many power utilities in this country.

Brazil | Snapshot


In Russia, many power outages caused by flashovers happen over vast areas. As a result, power utilities need to operate “blind” by performing washing operation over vast areas in harsh weather conditions. Metrycom enables power utilities to predict and locate flashover-prone line segments and limits washing operations to contaminated areas only.

Russia | Snapshot


Over 12000 Megawatt of generation capacity suffers from unidentified faults that occur in its transmission lines due to the accumulation of dust and moisture on the insulator strings. IEC carries out costly routine washing operations using helicopters  and their direct effectiveness is hard to measure. As a result they need to reduce the overall cost on washing operations by directing the washing teams to the contaminated poles.

IEC | Snapshot


Netafim required a radio system that is reliable, long-lasting, requires no maintenance or external power sources, simple to deploy and that easily connects to existing sensors or controllers in the field and to the existing computerized control systems.

Netafim | Snapshot